About Us

Who We Are

Mana Marketing LLP is a full-service marketing agency directed at independent video game developers and studios to help you succeed by providing the necessary means to promoting your game. We understand what it takes to launch indie games in the current industry and we want to save you time by reaching the channels that will give you the best exposure to your customers.

We are not a game publisher, and we do not look towards taking your future profits. Instead, we wanted developers to have the option to retain 100% of their game, but still get marketing help for a one-off fee as an investment.

We’re directed at indie games because we believe in the indie movement and the great games it gives rise to. We’re excited about what you’re doing and we think other gamers should be too. Let’s build something together!


We understand that as an indie developer, you require a wide variety of choices when it comes to marketing campaigns. Did you want to do a big giveaway prior to your game’s launch? Looking to copywrite your entire website? Or need consulting on how to most effectively do your social media? We’re flexible and we want to do what’s best for you given your budget and needs. Every campaign is different, but what you can be sure of is we’ll do our best whatever it may be!

Our Method

What goes on behind the scenes when we take on a video game marketing campaign? These are the basic steps we go through when taking on a new project:

Analysis of client's company

Marketing Plan Development


Measure of success