Our Clients

We like to call them our guildies ;) Join us and let's work together!

A Gummy's Life is a sweet 16 person multiplayer physics-based brawler that features responsive maps that have environmental perils and interactive AI. Throw your weirdly-shaped gummy friends into whirling blades or fight on two fronts—one against your friends and the other against assassin gummies on the Yakuza map. There are 10 maps to choose from!

Abo Khashem is a comedic themed open world role-playing game that takes you on a light-hearted journey of exploration and adventure. Also you have a pretty cool lizard companion.

Power suits, weapons, and rocket launchers—it’s football like you’ve never seen before. Touchdown: Armor League is a fast-paced competitive game where football meets action arena shooter. Players equip fully armored power suits and fight for control of the ball in an intense online 6v6 arena.

Card Chronicles is a mobile fantasy card game in which you’ll traverse various regions, take part in an epic story and put your wits to the test against a diverse range of opponents in this action packed, strategic card battle game. Choose your creatures, execute your strategies and conquer your enemies!

In HERO Unit, adapt and respond to different situations. Use your judgement to provide callers with the help they need. Will you send officers to the scene in time? Or will you narrowly miss the opportunity, leading to a tragic front-page news story the next day?

A Story of the End - Revere is a story-rich roleplaying game that revolves around a tale of redemption and justice. Play as Troy, a traitor to his own people, who sets off on a quest to fight for what he believes is right. Meet interesting characters, progress through quests, and carry out hybrid combat as you venture through the world of A Story of the End - Revere.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a third-person sword fighting arena game where any part of your body can be sliced off. With your mind downloaded into a robot gladiator, you must survive the sinister trials of the arena.

This Thanksgiving, let your imagination run wild with Wreck the Party! What happens when you fling the turkey down the table during a full family dinner? There’s only one way to find out. Will you manage to set the carpet on fire? Break a few windows? Or make Auntie Nelly lose her wig? Explore the possibilities as you ricochet the turkey off places you never knew could ricochet poultry.

Crash Wave Game's Iron Tides is a tough Viking-authentic survival-strategy game. With rogue-like-lite elements, battle is experienced through quick turn-based strategy. Take command of a loot-hungry warband, and sail across unforgiving seas. Will you find danger or treasure? Explore the seas and venture into the horizon.

Dark Flame,a beautiful 2D ARPG, brings you the perspective of a knight who must battle the horrific conveyance of unknown evil that has overtaken his order. Featuring large, hand-crafted environments, tailored gameplay, and an armoire of weapons, armor, and magic, the game blends classic with new to bring a unique experience!

Join Mr. Rumpus as a celebrity hoping to achieve eternal recognition and public immortality by becoming the world champion in Rumpus. In this fast-paced 2 to 4 player platform action game, you aim to knock other players off the screen by throwing items at each other.

Mana has went above and beyond what we expected or asked of them. It was great having a marketing team that was proactively working for our success. We were absolutely fortunate to have found them when we did, and are looking forward to working with them again.

Omar Al Zayed, Project Manager of Abo Khashem

Mana Marketing helped us with building up our social following and has now supplied us with a detailed report on what works best for us. They knew exactly what I needed and went above and beyond. We have learned a lot from Mana Marketing and can't thank them enough. Looking forward to our next campaign!

John Crisp, Founder of Card Chronicles

Developing our first mobile game was a great experience, and working with Mana Marketing on our first campaign was an absolutely wonderful experience. Mana was really professional, and it’s clear that they really want to help indie developers. They even helped with polishing our game and got people to actually talk about it. I highly recommend them!

Jassim Albuarki, Co-Founder of HERO Unit

Mana Marketing has really helped me through and through. Not only are they reliable, but they are well-versed in understanding how the indie industry operates. They are quick with their work, and very eager to get stuff done. I cannot stress this enough—prospective indie developers really should give them a shot!

Darrel Wijaya, Founder of Strashiner Studios

I've worked with other marketing companies and attempted press releases on my own, but when Mana entered the picture, people started to listen. They helped me craft a compelling message and delivered it with great results. 10/10 - will use again.

Erik Rydeman, Founder of Doborog Games

The folks at Mana Marketing are absolute superstars. With less than a 24-hour turnaround, they created a great press release for my game, reached out to their media contacts, and got my game covered on review sites! I recommend Mana Marketing without reservation and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Dana Nelson, Founder of Kinda Sweet Studios

Mana Marketing approached us during a critical moment of our pre-launch and their services were greatly appreciated. The team hit the ground running and went above and beyond expectations. Not only is Mana Marketing skilled and knowledgeable in their field, they are also easy to work with, and are personally invested in their work. We felt like we were guided through our pre-launch strategy, and look forward to working with Mana Marketing again!

Carina Kom, Co-Founder of Crash Wave Games

Working with indies is more of a charity than anything. Mana Marketing understands that and still treats you with the respect of a larger company. If you need help with your studio, Mana Marketing is the way to go! They are super professional and fantastic to work with!

Warren Smith, Founder of Dark Flame Game

Mana Marketing fulfilled our expectations and more. They proved to be great observers, communicators, and ensured our game reached a lot of people in the period we worked together! Plus they taught us a lot in the process!

Juan Lagisquet, Co-founder at Polyraptor Games

Unfortunately, Mana Marketing is no longer in operation and will not be accepting any new clients. We would like to thank all of our past clients and everyone that has helped us along the way. We’re sorry if this causes any inconveniences. We do hope one day in the future, that we will get the opportunity to collaborate and work together again! We wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavours!