The mana behind your game's marketing

Media Relations

We think your game is great, and we want others to know about it too! Let us reach out to our network of gaming news sites for you. Media outreach at the right time and on the right outlets will ensure that your game gets the press it deserves.

Influencer Outreach

Great content creators are on YouTube and Twich with followers looking for great new games. We’ll work on getting your game to the right personalities to inspire viewers to place themselves in the gamer’s seat.


With new video games coming out everyday, we know how to put your game in writing so that it will reach your target audience best. Whether it’s a tagline, or an advertisement, we can help you word your message right.

Social Media

Not only do you want to keep potential gamers and your community updated, but it’s about the conversation you’re having on your social media channels. What’s the best way to reach your potential and current community to build on your daily relations? We’ll work it out.

Website Development

You’ve directed gamers to your site, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay. We’ll work with you to make the perfect landing page to best direct visitors to your call to action. Need a site fully coded with the optimal user interface? Just say the word!

Something in mind?

Got something else in mind for your video game marketing? We offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs! Shoot us an email and let’s talk.